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Nowadays, many of the electronic products emphasize multi-functions with small product sizes and urged PCBs manufacturers to continuously upgrade their products and expand product range. Being a leading PCB manufacturer in the PRC and Hong Kong, the Group has invested considerable amounts on research and development to develop new products and maintain competitiveness among various PCB manufacturers.

To date, the Group is capable of producing a wide range of PCB products including single-sided PCBs, double-sided PCBs and multi-layered PCBs up to 12 layers.

18 layers
(For communication equipment of Motorola’s end user)
22 layers
(For mobile communication equipment of end user)
Roger material
(For high frequency product with auto-test equipment)
Aluminum based material
(For LED lighting)
AlN ceramic based material
(For LED street lighting)

The Group, as a public listed company, has always been emphasizing on researching and developing new type of printed circuit board. Under the leading of our Research and Development department and technical assistant from "provincial enterprise technology center" of the company by the end of 2011, the company successfully developed PCBs range from 14 to 22 layers, HDI, ceramic based LED board, aluminum based LED board and high frequency PCBs with Rogers materials. These help to accelerate production of high layers, high precision and high density products.

In the next few years, the company will focus on: putting more efforts on research and development of large communication backplane, rigid-flex PCBs of ceramic base, rigid-flex PCBs, high stage HDI and applications of new materials. These developments intend to keep the company in the leading position in the field of PCB manufacturing sector.