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China Silver Technology has 20 patented technologies. The Copper Aluminium Nitride ceramic packaging technology can produce more sustainable, energy saving and high quality products.


Heat dissipation problem is solved by patented Liquid Cooling Heat Dissipation Technology

• The patent liquid cooling heat dissipation technology: Heat from lighting components is brought to dissipate in large area of fin exchanger, while no energy is required to activate the liquid movement in the circulation loop.

• This way of heat dissipation is different from heat pipe and loop heat pipe technology, which mainly rely on temperature difference to dissipate heat. This patented technology can dissipate heat efficiently in zero temperature difference, under any temperature, and any length of loops.

LED Vibrating and Electricity Supply Technology

1)The vibrating electricity transmission technology ensures higher efficiency of electricity supply.
2)Avoid the problem of fluctuation in electricity transmission through the AC/DC transmission technology.
3)With the direct high-voltage transmission technology from ALNLED, the energy efficiency will be increased with smaller object size. It is especially suitable for fluorescent lamp.