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03 May 2012 Emperor Securities Limited LED 市場受國策支持,達進應收款大升89% (Provide Chinese Only)
17 Oct 2011 Capital Research Dept. Morning Call (Provide Chinese Only)
17 Oct 2011 SinoPac 通賬見頂,好消息頻頻 (Provide Chinese Only)
13 Oct 2011 Convoy Financial Services 康宏每日投資縱橫 (Provide Chinese Only)
13 Oct 2011 KCG Securities 達進精電 (00515.HK) 路演摘要 (Provide Chinese Only)
07 Sep 2011 Guotai Junan LED Lighting business' Prospect Attractive, Maintain "BUY"
30 Aug 2011 Bocom International LED照明業務帶動盈利增長勝預期 (Provide Chinese Only)
24 May 2011 Polaris Financial Group The road of high returns
28 Apr 2011 Core Pacific - Yamaichi Glowing LED lighting business
28 Mar 2011 Bocom International Encouraging FY10 Results
11 Feb 2011 SinoPac 節能環保先行,佈局LED產業帶來盈利高增長 (Provide Chinese Only)
28 Jan 2011 CITIC Securities International Lighting up with receivables
25 Jan 2011 Guotai Junan New Growth Driver From LED Lighting Business
24 Jan 2011 Bocom International 配售集資補充營運資金,迎接LED路燈業務爆發 (Provide Chinese Only)
04 Jan 2011 Core Pacific - Yamaichi Bright LED light player
28 Dec 2010 Capital 進軍LED照明市場,潛力巨大,前景值得期待 (Provide Chinese Only)
14 Dec 2010 Bocom International 喜獲連雲港LED路燈大單 (Provide Chinese Only)
06 Dec 2010 UOB Kay Hian Leveraged to the trend of energy saving. TCI should worth HK$4.8/share which implies 40% upside from current level
20 Oct 2010 Polaris Financial Group Brighten up the future
22 Sep 2010 Bocom International 開拓LED的路燈照明,業績拐點即將顯現 (Provide Chinese Only)
27 Aug 2010 Cash Financial Services Group A beautiful turnaround, from PCB to LED