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Established in 1988 and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2006, China Silver Technology Holdings Limited (“China Silver Technology”) is one of the top 10 manufacturers of Printed Circuit Board (“PCB”) in China. In 2010, we started our business in the LED sector. Our management has strived to grow our business in order to contribute the highest return for our shareholder.

The Group always focuses on R&D of green lighting technology. Our R&D team consists of LED lighting experts and has achieved over 20 intellectual properties in the LED lighting industry, including patented CU Copper Aluminum Nitride ceramic technology. More importantly, we have achieved several innovative patents in luminance decay and cooling. With strong technology support, our lean production and quality are guaranteed with recognition from National Development and Reform Commission and China Quality Certification Centre. We will further promote marketing strategy and expand the market share through the Group’s qualified products.

With years of experience in PCB, the Group has become a successful PCB manufacturer with supreme quality and reputation, providing high quality products for local and overseas customers. The Group has diversified product mix and flexible production process, enable us to cope with various product and technology development trend of electric products. The Group has also cooperated with renowned institutions and colleagues on R&D of technology; they provide technological support on high value added PCB and board manufacturing. Our competitive advantages are further enhanced and they facilitate innovative development on PCB business. We will continue to support R&D on PCB technology and luminance.

Going forward, with rapid urbanization and favourable policies in China, it is expected that LED industry will experience robust development. In order to maintain competitive advantages and expand market share in the LED industry, the Group is currently expanding commercial LED projects in addition to government projects, to realize product diversification. Those commercial projects include indoor lighting projects, landscape lighting and decorations. With recognition of National Development and Reform Commission and provincial governments, we believe that with mature technology and R&D capability, there are more upcoming high level LED contracts. The group plans to cooperate with strong partner of PCB to serve as a main business in addition to our LED business. We will continue to develop both LED and PCB businesses to maximize return to our shareholder.