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With a strong emphasis on short turnaround time and high volume production, the Group places equal importance on quality. We have established a quality management system to ensure our customers are satisfied with the product quality through our in-house quality control team and quality assurance team. Both teams, serving similar purposes, are responsible for ensuring the quality of the Group’s products at every stage of the production process. In addition, the quality assurance team is in frequent contact with the Group’s customers through activities such as site visits and factory audits in order to obtain feedback regarding the quality of the Group’s products and services. The Group also conducts surveys on customers’ demands with an aim of adjusting the design and manufacturing processes of the products.

The Group also implements comprehensive quality control measures, and awards with the ISO9001: 2000 and ISO9000: 2008 quality assurance certificate as well as ISO/TS16949: 2002, TS16949:2009, ISO14001: 2004, ISO14001: 1996, the International Electrotechnical Commission Quality (“IECQ”) certificate, a standard quality recognition of the Hazardous Substance Process Management and China Quality Certification Centre (CQC)’s certification. Moreover, the Group’s Copper Aluminium Nitride ceramic packaging technology is patented. With the recognized enclosure technology and the quality with national recognition, the Group believes the quality of our products can maintain customers’ satisfaction.

Products Assurance

In regard to the products assurance to the customers, we have our own laboratory to test the dependability of the semi-finished and finished products. Examples of the equipment in our laboratory:
- Constant temperature and humidity control chamber
- Copper thickness test instrument
- Solder pot for solder ability and heat stress test
- Thermal shock
- Photometer, etc.

Laboratory for Physics Laboratory for Chemistry Atom Absorption Spectrophotometer
Energy Dispersion X Fluoro-analyzer AU/Ni/Sn Depth Measurement System Tg Value Measurement System

IECQ Certificate - a standard quality recognition of the Hazardous Substance Process Management

ISO 9000: 2008
ISO14001: 2004 Certificate
TS16949: 2009 Certificate